Hira Industries deploys SAP Solutions in UAE

Hira Industries deploys SAP Solutions in UAE
17/05/2015 rhiraadmin


Hira Industries, a supplier of products to the construction sector, is deploying technology solutions from SAP to help drive the UAE’s booming manufacturing industry. Dubai’s manufacturing sector accelerated 8.1 percent in 2013, outpacing a 4.6 percent expansion in the overall economy, according to data from the Dubai Statistics Center. Dubai currently accounts for around 20 percent of the UAE’s gross domestic product, according to the World Bank. The UAE’s industrial sector expected to make up 25 percent of the country’s gross domestic product by 2025, according to the UAE Ministry of Economy.


Hira Industries will implement a range of solutions running on the SAP HANA platform, including enterprise resource planning and manufacturing software solutions, as it looks to continue its expansion across the region. Established in 1980 in Sharjah, Hira Industries is one of the leading manufacturers in the UAE for products related to the construction sector, including HVAC, MEP, civil construction, infrastructure, aluminium, glass, marine, commercial, residential and industrial projects.

Hira has a manufacturing base of 1.2 million square feet in Ras Al Khaimah, UAE and Pune, India. The company now employs more than 700 people across offices in the GCC, India, Australia, Sri Lanka, and Nigeria. “By deploying best-in-class technology from SAP we will be able to optimize performance and deliver greater customer satisfaction. Using SAP solutions will also allow us to attract and retain the most talented employees,” said Prakash Sarvaiya, General Manager, Hira Industries. “HANA’s real-time capabilities will allow us to deliver responsive manufacturing processes, execution and management capabilities.” SAP HANA is an innovative in-memory data management platform that analyzes data from multiple sources to ask and receive interactive real-time responses.

“Hira Industries will improve its manufacturing processes, optimize business levels and build stronger relationships with customers by utilizing the power of the platform and SAP technology,”said Tayfun Topkoc, Managing Director, SAP UAE. “SAP HANA is all about real-time efficiency, intelligent insight and achieving previously unattainable levels of innovation.” Worldwide, SAP now has more than 6,400 HANA customers. SAP MENA has more than 1,350 customers, and has more than 1,688 qualified SAP consultants and 120 business partners across 12 offices and 16 countries.

Source: http://ameinfo.com/finance-and-economy/economy/manufacturing/hira-industries-deploys-sap-solutions/


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